Protection of our Bays

The Civic Association organized a symposium, which included respected scientists, town trustees and environmental leaders to identify immediate and long-term solutions to the pollution problems in our bays and waterways.  A working committee has been organized.

Revitalization of Downtown

In 2015, the Civic Association created a five-part envisioning series and charrette focused on gathering the specifics of the community you want.  Together, we created a powerful blueprint for action and elevated it to the political level.  In 2016, we will show how all stakeholders can implement that blueprint.

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Ponguogue Fishing Pier

We partnered with the Town Trustees to transform the old Ponquogue Bridge into a unique tourist attraction, dive and fishing location, thereby preventing its destruction.

Good Ground Park

We have helped the citizens of Hampton Bays coalesce their thoughts on what features and amenities our new Good Ground Park should provide to the community and provided that input to the Town Planners.

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