July Virtual Meeting: Light and Noise: Pollution and Solution

HBCA July Meeting: Monday 7/26 @ 7:00PM

You sit quietly in your backyard as the tensions of the week slip away. Suddenly, with its telltale thawakata- thwackata, another commuter helicopter violates your peace and quiet, passing over at under 1,000 feet. Learn what Councilman Tommy John Schiavoni is doing to eliminate noise pollution and what you can do to help.

It's still early morning when the combined roar of gas engine leaf blowers shakes the room and makes the leaves on the trees cringe. The local army of gardeners has arrived. Should this sound disturb you, Dieter von Lehsten, Co-Chair of the Southampton Green Advisory Committee, has some sound advice on the subject.

Finally, light on a neighbor's house points right in your bedroom window at night. Mary O'Brien long time member of the Southampton Dark Skies Advisory Committee offers solutions for devastating light pollution. She will discuss the main principles of the town's light code and what you can do to promote dark skies.