MAY 23rd 7pm-In-Person Membership Meeting--State of the Southampton Trustees

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State of the Southampton Trustees Southampton Trustee President Scott Horowitz and Trustee Ed Warner Jr. come to the HBCA meeting this evening to provide updates on:

  • Shinnecock Bay

  • Waterfront Projects

  • Water Quality

  • Permit regulation changes

  • Trustee tax line

  • Need for funding to protect natural resources Defending public access.

  • Mecox Bay

  • Endangered species program

  • New Trustee osprey initiative

The Trustees are the oldest governing body in the Town of Southampton. Established in 1686, they are elected by the community to be the stewards of our shores, waterways, marshes, and bottomlands. Join us in-person or on our Zoom connection; learn where the town Trustees are leading us. Have your questions ready for the Q&A part of our meeting with the Trustees.